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bin for (?)" error. This is a leftover error from 10 months ago. I read somewhere that it was a bios related issue and could have been solved by reinstalling But I can't remember where I read that Can anyone help? you got a flash drive handy? Yes run sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade on it to update your bios; reboot the machine to the bios screen; reboot the machine again (this will kill the bios boot); put the flash drive in; reboot the machine; enter the bios again; set the boot flag on the partition; reboot the machine to try the flash drive and see what happens sarnold, I have a qustion, would this work if I downloaded the new flash drive iso and then did a recovery? *question zumOok: the recovery should work, yeah Excellent. I'll be back in about 10 minutes sarnold, That worked, all I had to do was press F10 to start the recovery. It's installing now. Thank you so much. zumOok: oh :) thanks for the details :) sarnold, No problem. sarnold, I did not know that I could press F10 when I booted from a USB. I assumed it had to be at the very start of the BIOS, before I even got to a screen that let me choose what to do. zumOok: hehe :) my thanks go to whoever put that idea in your head sarnold, Np, thank you. zumOok: I'm sure it wasn't me :) sarnold, Can you recommend a decent, modern SSD to use in a laptop? I'm looking for something fast, reliable and affordable. zumOok: okay, you've got a lot of choices there :) zumOok: I




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030 P1 Bin D396c9cb Free Download elistri

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